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Grey imports

Grey imports are posing a serious threat to Australian manufacturing. So called Grey Imports are manufactured boats and trailers that emanate from depressed economies like the USA. They essentially dump in Australia what they can't sell at home. Moreover, the imports are not compliant in terms of Australian standards. The dumping is costing jobs and the Federal Government is doing nothing to resolve the problem.

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The Labor Federal Government embarked on the largest wholesale change to Commonwealth water since federation through the Marine Bio-Regional Planning Process.

The South East Plan was implemented by the Howard Government and was managed quite well. The same cannot be said of the Gillard Government under Ministers Garrett and Tony Burke. The process has been handled very poorly with thousands of businesses going to the wall.

Fact About the Marine Bio-Regional Planning Process (MBPP) Under Labor

  • The stakeholder advisory group (SAG) set up to advise Government on industry concerns with regard to the MBPP has not met since March 2010!
  • In fact Labor completely decommissioned the SAG without an ounce of notice to limit industry and community input.
  • Even though the SAG had not met Minister Burke released the draft plans in May 2011 with limited to no consultation.
  • DEWHA and BRS have a contractual relationship to prepare the scientific foundation underpinning the MBPP and yet to our knowledge not one industry group had met a single Federal Government scientist prior to the release of the Draft Plans.
  • Infact industry to our knowledge has not met a single scientist behind the shaping of the MBPP.
  • Minister Burke's office consulted 3 people in WA and SA in the recreational fishing sector with regard to the draft SW and NW plans. When this was found out, Minister Burkes adviser was sent back to WA and SA on two occasions to attend round table meetings put together by the Australian Marine Alliance.
  • The Government must, under the plan, develop a Displaced Activity Policy (DAP) to calculate the level of harm caused by marine closures. Before they started the Government asked Maximus Solutions to draft a report that argued regardless of the outcome, the recreational fishing and boating sectors were not eligible for compensation regardless of the outcome and extent of closures.
  • Some smaller commercial operators have been provided a somewhat loose assurance that closures of large areas of marine environment will destroy their business so will be 'bought out' by the Government via an industry assistance package.
  • Some fishers in Western Australia lost 80% of their fishing grounds without an ounce of scientific analysis or explanation.

What has been the response from the Federal Coalition?

  • The AMA supported and arranged for the now Prime Minister Tony Abbott to attend the Brisbane Boat Show in August 2012.
  • At the boat show Tony Abbott promised to suspend the Marine Bio-Regional Planning Process upon winning government, opening the entire process up for scientific review.
  • The AMA continues to work with the Coalition to suspend the MBPP and deliver a far greater and more equitable policy for communities, industry and importantly the environment.
  • Read the AMA Media release below with regard to the Coaltions promise: