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The AMA is different from almost every other peak industry group with our focus on delivering business outcomes to our members. With a designated legal, finance and superannuation platform the AMA is self funded and therefore self sufficient. We don't take nor do we ask for government money and we deliver genuine outcomes to our members that are hard to find elsewhere.

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BEYOND GREEN is our flagship program that takes the environmental argument out of the gutter.


We love the environment and believe we can catch fish and protect the environment at the same time.


AMA asks for marine reserves back - co-management proven to be the only solution

Beyond Green

As many of you know State Governments have been locking up large tracks of marine environment for years all on a flawed scientific assumption that closures, or no-take marine reserves, enhance marine bio-diversity. What the public doesn't know is that the science used is inherently flawed and based not on bio-diversity principles at all, but rather solely premised on an animal rights agenda. Did you know - as an example - that it is actually healthy to fish fish? As a result the AMA is currently writing to senior Ministers and departmental officials, asking them to clearly and scientifically prove that locking up marine environment as reserves has proven and continues to prove beneficial to bio-diversity. If they cant prove this within 28 days we want it back.


Politics and NGO revenue raising gets in the way of environmental protection!


Cost Benefit

In 2012 the AMA placed a case to both Government, the Federal Coalition and to key environmental NGOs to replace the arbitrary percentage based marine reserve argument with a 100% managed approach to the marine environment.


The Government and the environmental lobby rejected our case for three reasons: 1. The Gillard Government wanted to cut deals with the oil and gas exploration sector and so effectively managing the marine environment wouldn't work; 2. The Government couldn't manipulate the 'light green' voter, and; 3. The environmental lobby couldn't raise as much money even though managing 100% of the marine environment actually delivered far more for the environment than an arbitrary closure argument.

AMA Supports Melbourne Downunder

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