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grey imports - costing jobs!

Grey imports are posing a serious threat to Australian manufacturing. So called Grey Imports are manufactured boats and trailers that emanate from depressed economies like the USA. They essentially dump in Australia what they can't sell at home. Moreover, the imports are not compliant in terms of Australian standards. The dumping is costing jobs and the Federal Government is doing nothing to resolve the problem.

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Whilst advocating for the Australian recreational fishing, aqua culture, outboard engine, marine, manufacturing, trade and tackle and commercial fishing sectors, the Australian Marine Alliance is absolutely committed to providing , businesses and individuals with so much more than pure lobbying. Our model is completely revolutionary and different. Why? Simply because there is absolutely NO JOINING FEE.


The old style of charging a membership fee and then charging for all these additional services hasn't worked. It's old and lame in our view. At the AMA we don't charge individual businesses or members for lobbying Canberra we just deliver.


Our goal is to build unity and to represent you by firstly providing products and services you actually need and want. Because we want to see fisherman of all persuasions stay in the industry and be more profitable and for mums and dads to continue to partake in what is an Australian tradition, we have developed a new concept that works.




So what makes the AMA different?

The AMA is committed to providing you with the following services:

  • The most sophisticated advocacy and policy advice platform in Australia
  • Access to tenders and government programs
  • The most advanced on-line business and personal insurance service with over 500 policies
  • A dedicated legal advice service for all matters
  • Superannuation clearing house for businesses saving them literally thousands of dollars a year
  • National design platform for all graphic & web based design for business cards, web sites, annual reports etc
  • Access to hand picked financial planners across the country
  • Opportunity to raise capital and finance projects for your business
  • Home loans and self-funded superannuation advice
  • A high quality and sophisticated export promotion platform with offices in Asia, Middle East and the USA
  • Public relations advice all on PR related matters
  • Merchandise services for all watches, stickers, stubby holders - you name it.


By all means go and pay $400 or more per annum and then compare what we provide to the others. We don't need to say anymore. Businesses, families and individuals in all the relevant sectors can and do deserve more.