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The Big Blue Book Launch
AMA Insurance Platform



Promote your business to hundreds of thousands of readers via The Big Blue Book. Separated by state and industry group The Big Blue Book showcases businesses that have anything to do with the marine environment.


The AMA and Affinity Insurance Services have partnered with international underwriting agencies to secure insurance policies that understand and deliver for all types of business in the fishing and boating sectors.


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AMA works with Chefs to talk sustainable fishing
AMA NSW Board established to tackle reforms
Tom Kime
Tom Kime

AMA Chief Executive Dean Logan continues to work with the Executive Chefs Club and renown publication Food COMPANION International to spread the sustainable Australian message.

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The NSW division of the AMA is now up and going and established to tackle the draconian fisheries reforms being implemented in NSW.

Go to the NSW webpage to find out more and how you can be involved.

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Grey Imports
AMA and Science
Grey Imports

The importation of so called Grey Imports into Australia from depressed markets like the USA over the past 12 months has posed serious concerns for Australian manufacturers, distributors and official dealers and therefore Australian jobs.

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The AMA is currently in discussions with a range of international researchers and scientists to join our growing research team. We should be in a position to make announcements regarding appointments and alliances with key institutions by the end of the year.



Cost Benefit Analysis of Federal Labor Policy
Drawing the Line Documentary

Cost Benefit


Federal Labor's impact on coastal towns has been calculated at $4.35BN and over 36,000 jobs - This document is a concise cost benefit analysis of the Marine Bio-Regional Planning Process and worth a read.

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The AMA's Chief Executive Dean Logan has recently had the privilege of being interviewed two weeks in a row by Keiren and Alan on one of Australia's longest running fishing programs HI TIDE. If you love your fishing then and you're in the broadcast range then there really is no other alternative but to listen to these guys. To find out more CLICK HERE









































































































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